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Free Bitcoins For Zero Hedge Readers

Welcome A friend and I would like to offer you a chance to test drive bitcoins to consider their potential.  Many of the adverse comments on Zero Hedge appear to come from people who haven’t done much research on bitcoins or actually tried them out.  No catch:  you are welcome to continue criticizing bitcoins in […]


Introduction Cryptography is a way to ensure your information is kept secure from prying eyes. Cryptography ranges from weak to unbreakable with varying amounts of effort required. Examples of a weak codes is a simple substitution cipher where letters and numbers are replaced one for one with others. At the other end of the spectrum […]

One Time Pad Cryptography

If you wish to transmit an absolutely secure message to someone, the best method is to use one time pad cryptography.  It doesn’t matter how powerful the computers anyone trying to break the code have, it’s unbreakable.  There are only two vulnerabilities:  it’s important to protect the physical pieces of paper from being compromised and […]

Organizing Digital Media Files

How to store digital media on a computer hard drive (internal or external) or other large capacity removable media

Introduction There are many ways to organize digital media files. I propose a standardized method to improve the ease of sharing public domain files. Classification Schemes Librarians, curators, doctors, reporters, biologists, engineers and many others are often faced with classifying and storing various forms of information and physical objects. Most disciplines have created their own […]

Spicy Lentils Recipe

Lentils with Indian spices, mushrooms, peppers, garlic and onions in a tomato sauce.

Uploading Music Videos And Movies To PSP Slim (3000)

Overview I really like background music when I’m working in the office, at home or driving. I hate the commercials and announcers that won’t shut up and just play music on the radio. I had a Sirius satellite radio for 3 years and generally liked it. I did not like the channels that have commercials […]

Sony eBook Portable Reader Systems

User Review and Methods Of Converting And Uploading Books

USER REVIEW PRS-505 Displaying Top Menu Summary The Sony ebook portable reader systems PRS-505 (obsolete) and Reader Touch System PRS-650 are good products for reading traditional text intensive books.  Anyone who requires color, scientific .pdf books, or likes to read comics should consider another product. Rating 7/10    Strengths A comfortably sized reader that can hold […]

Home Bread Baking Overview

Baking Leavened Bread With Household Equipment And Supplies

A guide to baking bread at home for a novice. Recommends making your own bread in an automatic bread machine. Discusses practical details for mixing the dough, leavening with yeast, baking, storage and cutting of a fresh loaf of bread.

60% Whole Wheat Bread Machine Recipe

Yeast Leavened Bread Made From Whole Ground Hard White Wheat

Detailed instructions on how to make whole wheat bread in a bread machine. 60% whole wheat is approximately the limit for high rising yeast bread. The whole wheat gives a very nice flavour to this healthy inexpensive bread that is perfect for sandwiches.